A Guide on How To Access Bitcoin ATM To Buy The Bitcoin

In the world, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. It has become a widely accepted payment option. Even though there are some ups and downs, it continues to be in the top position. Besides, many businesses are started to accept the bitcoin as a payment option for their transactions.

Due to the increased acceptance of the newest form of currency, Bitcoin atm is now accessible everywhere. it offers the simplest and easiest access to the bitcoin. It is much similar to the conventional banking ATMs.

However, it allows the people to purchase or sell the bitcoin using the cash and without the requirement for pre-registration. You will be able to make the transactions without any delays. Accessing the ATM needs to follow certain steps and takes a little amount to complete the entire transaction.

If you are thinking about How to buy bitcoin using the ATM, then continue to read the following section carefully.

Find the bitcoin ATM near you

Whether you wish to buy or sell the bitcoin, you have to find the nearest machine. Accessing the ATM radar is the best and handy way. It keeps all kinds of information about the bitcoin ATMs such as verification procedures, fees, online status, etc. It also lets you find the live map of ATMs.

So, all you have to do now is adding your location in the search bar located on the top-left corner. Tap on the search icon to look at the list of the nearest ATMs. Then, you need to choose the Bitcoin atm that is nearby your location and then click the get directions. It provides you exact Google maps location and dress.

How to purchase bitcoin

Even though the process of finding the bitcoin is easier and simpler, not knowing the procedures of buying the bitcoin makes everything complicated. This is why all the bitcoin users are recommended to aware of the bitcoin buying steps.

At the same time, keep in mind that the process of buying bitcoin is different from one ATM to another. Here are the general steps to follow to buy the bitcoin easily and quickly.

  • Firstly, you have to verify your identity but it is optional according to the machine type and operator. During the verification, you need to provide the phone number to get the OTP. Upon entering the code into the ATM, you will proceed further. On the other hand, some machine needs you to scan your ID card like a passport. A few ATMs let you buy without any ID details
  • Give your bitcoin address for the deposit. It is suggested to have the bitcoin wallet on your mobile. Using the scammer, you can scan the OR code representing the wallet address. Now, the bitcoin is transferred to your wallet.
  • Then, insert your fiat money into the ATM to get the bitcoin. Confirm the amount before tapping the purchase/finish to complete the transactions.

Here is How to buy bitcoin and therefore follow the steps carefully to purchase the bitcoin without confronting any hassles.